Road safety innovations win Prince Michael awards

By Beatrice Obwocha

At least 20 road safety campaigns and innovations by institutions across the globe have won the 2020 Prince Michael Road Safety Awards.


Each year, international road safety initiatives receive the recognition for their outstanding efforts to offer solutions.


Prince Michael Road Safety Awards has since 1987 recognised the outstanding achievements and innovations which improve road safety.


In a statement, Prince Michael congratulated the winners saying their achievement and contribution play a key role in saving lives.


“As we come to the end of the first decade of action for road safety, we’ll shortly begin a second ten-year programme which we hope will make a huge difference across the world. The commitment of our winners will certainly help to achieve the ambitious targets being set for this and their programmes will provide encouragement for others,” he said.


Here is a full list of the winners:


1.     Africa and Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatories

2.     Agilysis – Supporting the UK Road Sector during Covid 19.

3.     Bogota, Columbia – Speed Management Programme

4.     Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety – #CommitToAct Campaign

5.     ImagineLaw – Speed Limit Setting and Enforcement In the Philippines

6.     Indian Head Injury Foundation – ''Ride with Safety'' for children

7.     International Research Group – TRAUMA

8.     iRAP Saving lives in 100 countries

9.     Lay First Responder International – Post-Crash Response Program Model for Road Traffic Injuries in Resource-Limited African Settings

10.  National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) and Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) – Safe School Zones

11.  Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government – How Gran kept young drivers safe on Scotland's roads.

12.  Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government – How breath-taking roads have helped bikers to breathe another day.

13.  Safe Kids Worldwide – Safe Kids Buckle Up Programme

14.  Shell Malaysia – Road Safety Varsity Challenge

15.  The Roads and Transport Authority Dubai – The Dubai Road Safety Strategy- Improving Road Safety through Partnerships.

16.  The Towards Zero Foundation – #50by30 Campaign

17.  The World Bank – Road Safety Innovations

18.  Transport Accident Commission (TAC) – Road to Zero Education Complex at Melbourne Museum

19.  Transport for NSW – World-first, life saving, Mobile Phone Detection Camera Programme

20.  World Bank GRSF and partners – Enhancing the Safety of Nepal's Mountain Roads