Children Of The Revolution

You watch your children grow, you see them start to make their own lives. You never imagine it could end so suddenly.

Road safety a priority amid COVID-19

Perhaps we will look back on this period and remember: that’s when we decided to act decisively against road trauma too.

Deliver safety for every child on every street

Children in sub-Saharan Africa are killed in traffic accidents twice as often as anywhere else in the world.

A bump in the road for driverless cars?

What is less clear though is the impact this will have on our roads, what infrastructure driverless cars will rely on to make their technology work and what countries around the world may need to do to make a future of autonomous vehicles a reality.

Women have different travel patterns from men

Research also shows that women are often victims of sexual harassment in the streets or on public transport.

The call that we all dread can be avoided

We must return our streets to our children. They have a right to feel safe on them.

Why women’s security in public transport is important

The project has shown that women use public transport more than men.

Krug: Why we need road safety performance targets, indicators

Governments will know how far they have come and how far they still need to go to save millions of lives.

Health ministers can play big role in road safety

All countries should have a nationwide emergency phone service, while pre-hospital response and hospital trauma care systems should be fit for purpose.

Time to make roads safer for the African child

Road crashes, and particularly those involving children, are yet to be considered a crisis for the African Child.